Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Youth Matter Incorporated 1st Annual Cookout

Youth Matter Inc.’s 1st annual cookout held on Sunday, July 10th at the Portsmouth City Park in Portsmouth, VA, and it was a complete success. It was a chance for all Youth Matter program members, youth and their families, employees, friends, and volunteers, to all meet one another, and share in on a day of fun.

Everyone had a wonderful time; the food was awesome; and the company was warm and friendly! The children were really enjoying themselves along with the adults that joined in on the fun of the sports activities. Many adults had a wonderful time just relaxing on a beautiful Sunday, while they watched the children interact with one another and get their blood pumping.

There were giveaways for the children that were provided through our TROOPS TO YOUTH® initiative where it donated four bicycles, sports balls and TROOPS TO YOUTH® backpacks. Other giveaways included arts and craft sets, t-shirts, and stickers.

There were different activities for the children to do. They had the option of playing corn hall, badminton, hula-hoop, volleyball, and golf; they also had the option of doing arts and craft, face painting or just running around playing with each other. Children, as well as the adults, had a wonderful time getting their face painted by Miss Kitty. There was a hula-hoop contest that Wilheimina Long, Youth Matter Inc.’s founder, even joined in on – a lot of fun for all; Peighton was the winner.

There were two highlighted moments at the cookout which involved our Just Dyvine dance team. One special moment was when Just Dyvine dancers presented a token of thanks to their former Program Director, Eltonette Pope; it was an emotional moment to see the compassionate they shared for one another. The other special moment was when Te’Ara Powell, a Just Dyvine dancer won one of the bicycles in the giveaway and then she turned and gave it to one of the four year olds who wanted a bicycle – such an unselfish act and we applaud Te’Ara Powell.

The Youth Matter Inc.’s 1st annual cookout was a day sure to be remembered.

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